1959 Cadillac Service Bulletins Reprint

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This manual is a licensed reproduction of a set of the Serviceman bulletins printed by Cadillac to help mechanics at the dealer repair cars. If you've got the factory shop manual for your Cadillac, you've only got half the story – this set has repair instructions that mechanics found that they needed after the shop manual was printed, and mid-year changes that aren't accounted for in the shop manual. There is parts and service info for accessories, body, brakes, transmission, engine, cooling system, electrical, lubrication, suspension, steering, tools, and more. Buy now to own this hard-to-find service information.

There are too many topics to list them all, but here's a sampling:
  • a 6-page issue of the Accelerator showing 1959 accessories and optional equipment
  • improving harsh ride
  • cruise control diagnosis
  • air conditioner diagnosis
  • sheet metal gap tolerances
  • carpet installation
  • door inner panel water deflectors
  • new 1959 features
  • power window harness
  • shock when touching wiper controls
  • series 75 auxiliary seat adjustments
  • engine vibration diagnosis
  • air leaks
  • increasing heater air flow on cars with A/C
  • air suspension vibration
  • aligning rear door windows on 62 and 63 styles
  • diagnosis and correction of chassis vibrations
  • hydraulic brake lines
  • correcting convertible top stay pad damage
  • trunk water leaks
  • windshield and rear window water leakage
  • Brougham windshield and rear window removal and installation
  • the 15-page Brougham service manual supplement
  • shop manual corrections and revisions (body bolts, a/c and heater vacuum circuit, steering gear check valve, stoplight switch, new leveling valve adjustment, coil spring service chart, Rochester 4GC vacuum spring adjustment)
  • mid-year parts changes: coupe wiring harness extension, steering column upper cover, heater hose routing, oil dipstick, Hydra-Matic governor G-1 plunger, hood insulator pad, air compressor piston ring, Freon compressor pulley, windshield washer valve assembly, resistor wire in primary ignition harness, 29 style rear window guide cam, stoplight switch, seat spring spacer, transmission accumulator and servo, Pioneer antenna drive unit & motor, 39 style rear roof molding, air pressure hose, special transmission flywheel housing
  • noise reduction: speedometer cable noise, transmission torus cover rattle, manual front seat "chucking," air suspension ring, a/c compressor noise
"1959 Cadillac Serviceman Service Bulletins"
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