1961-1966 Ford High Performance Parts Book & Tuning Manual Original

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Find out how to build your car's muscle and still keep it original. This is an original Ford publication designed to introduce the consumer to the Ford line of high performance accessories, engines and vehicles. You will find information on high performance fundamentals, how to select components and modify for high performance, the Ford 221-260-289 family of lightweight engines, tuning for maximum performance, Cobra Kits, the Ford 352-390-428 family of engines, and much, much more. There are specifications, equipment lists, advice, and installation tips. 39 pages, Excellent condition. This is an original with color print inside, NOT a black and white reproduction. Buy now for this highly informative book for the Ford modifying enthusiast.
"Ford High Performance: a guide to its fundamentals and performance products offered by Ford"
This item is original.
11.00 x 8.50 x 0.15 inches
VOL 66 PSM 94
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