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This original manual was issued by the Ford factory to help their dealer mechanics to service big Ford trucks. You will find illustrated step-by-step service instructions on engines & exhaust system, ignition system & governor, fuel, cooling, clutches & transmission, rear axles & drivelines, steering, brakes, electrical systems, lights, instruments, accessories, body, doors, windows, interior trim, and seats. This manual also outlines maintenance procedures, and troubleshooting; and holds all your truck's specs, lubrication guides and required special tools in the back of the book for easy referencing. Covers Ford heavy trucks, including F850, F-950, HT-850, and H-950. If you have a 1962, 1963, or 1964 850-1100 series truck, you'll need this manual plus your supplement. Over 1" thick. Buy now to own the best manual for your truck.
"1961 Ford Truck 850 -- 1100 Series Shop Manual"
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1961-1964 Ford Medium/Heavy Truck 850-1100 Heavy
1961-1964 Ford Medium/Heavy Truck B500-750 Bus
1961-1964 Ford Medium/Heavy Truck C500-C800
1961-1964 Ford Medium/Heavy Truck F500-F800
1961-1964 Ford Medium/Heavy Truck T700-T800
1964 Ford Medium/Heavy Truck N500-N750
1961 1962 1963 1964 Ford Medium/Heavy Truck