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This original manual was issued by the Ford Factory to help their dealer mechanics to service big Ford trucks. You will find illustrated step-by-step service instructions on ignition system, clutches & transmission, rear axles & drivelines, brakes, electrical systems, and more. This manual also outlines maintenance procedures, and troubleshooting; and holds all your truck's specs, lubrication guides and required special tools in the back of the book for easy referencing.  This book contains supplemental information on those features new to the '64 -- the supplement will refer you back to the 1961 Ford 800-1100 Series Truck Shop Manual and the 1962-63 Supplement for much of the information. For complete repair instructions, use this manual in conjunction with the 1961 Ford 800-1100 Series Truck Shop Manual and the 1962-63 Supplement. This is the only way that Ford made a shop manual for 1964. Buy now to own the best manual for your truck.
"1964 Ford Truck 850 -- 1100 Series Shop Manual Supplement"
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 Covers all 1964 Ford Trucks, including C, CT, F, H, HT, N, NT, and T 850-1100 Series.
1964 Ford Medium/Heavy Truck 850-1100 Heavy
1964 Ford Medium/Heavy Truck B500-750 Bus
1964 Ford Medium/Heavy Truck C500-C800
1964 Ford Medium/Heavy Truck F500-F800
1964 Ford Medium/Heavy Truck N500-N750
1964 Ford Medium/Heavy Truck T700-T800
1964 Ford Medium/Heavy Truck