1963-1967 How to Restore Your Corvette

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This book offers an ample amount of step-by-step information in color and focus on real-world restoration techniques. Noted Corvette restorer and NCRS judge Chris Petris shows you everything you need to know to expertly return a second generation Corvette to its former glory. You'll learn to select the right Corvette for your skills, budget, and time frame. All of the factors to determine the type of restoration (concours, regular driver, or something in between) are discussed in detail, so you can determine the best level of restoration for your project. Petris provides valuable techniques for restoring a Corvette to NCRS and Bloomington Gold standards.

To repair and restore a C2's fiberglass body requires special tools and techniques that differ dramatically from the metal bodywork required for other collector cars. Bodywork, priming, and painting are all interdependent and Petris details how best to repair, prime, and finish the body.

You'll find out about engine building and the correct finishes, graphics, and fasteners to use for accurate and original restoration. if your original transmission needs a rebuild, you can find the specifics for bringing it up to snuff, including a Muncie 4- speed rebuild. In addition, you are shown how to restore both disc and drum brakes to original condition and the best upgrades available. You'll also find out how to recondition suspension components, restore a rear differential, air conditioning, ignition distributors, alternators, seats, dash, carpet, and so much more.

Includes more than 400 black and white photos. If you're looking for the one book to guide you through a complete and professional-caliber C2 restoration, you've found it.

Chris Petris
"How to Restore Your Corvette 1963-1967"
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1963-1967 Chevrolet Corvette
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