Corvette 427 Practical Restoration Guide From A to Z 1963-1967

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With detailed photographs and a storyteller's talent, Don Sherman tells us the entire tale of his 1967 Corvette roadster restoration-his plans, methods, and results in painstaking detail. You will find out about searching for the perfect project car, the disassembly process, overhauling chassis components, when to consult professionals, salvaging engine parts, when to buy used and when to spring for new, panel alignment and painting preparation, choosing aftermarket resources, sticking to your budget, refurbishing upholstery, the painting process, convertible top installation, bolt-ons and powertrain reinstallation, trim installation, final assembly sequencing, installing the instrument cluster, carpet installation, and more! Don's successes and mishaps will show you the practical side of restoration projects so you can avoid expensive mistakes using proven methods to get results. He advises you in the adaptations that will make your 'vette a cherry-champion show car that you can feel good about driving around town. Even though the project car is a 1967 Corvette, you can apply the techniques from this book to all 1963-1967 Corvettes. 224 pages, 184 photos, NEW condition. Buy now for this entertaining and extremely informative look into one person's quest for the perfect 'vette.
Sherman, Don
"Corvette 427: Practical Restoration of a '67 Roadster: Insights and Techniques Applicable to all 1963-1967 Corvettes"
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