1964-1974 How to Restore your Pontiac GTO

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This book focuses on the actual hands-on, how-to procedures for restoring a GTO to its original condition. Each chapter illustrates the key procedures for completing a specific portion of the restoration project with detailed captions and color photographs. it covers all aspects of restoration – engines and drivelines, bodywork, interior and trim, suspension, brakes, chassis, and steering. Learn how to source and select the best parts for your restoration. You are shown different levels of restoration and afforded the information to select the right type of restoration for your particular car. You'll find guidance for to assessing your ability to do the work, and then determining the best course for completing the work. This book covers how to verify the authenticity of your particular car, the most desirable models to restore, and option information. This brand new book is packed with 389 black and white photos that give you the details of correct finishing. Buy now to own this practical restorationg guide for your GTO.
Don Keefe
"How to Restore your Pontiac GTO"
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