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Author Peter Sessler dissects the GTO and presents critical data including engine and transmission codes, rear axle identification, exterior and interior colors, options, production numbers, and VIN decoding. If you're at a car show and someone asks you what the distributor number is on you GTO, open this book and find the answer. You'll also find out how to make sure your car is a true GTO.
Correctly restoring a GTO is no easy matter. With this book you take a giant step toward understanding just what components are needed to bring your old Goat back to life. Possessing this much data is a surefire way to become a GTO expert. It even fits in you back pocket! Buy now to get the facts on what makes your GTO original.

Peter C. Sessler
"GTO Data and ID Guide 1964-1974"
8.00 x 5.00 x 0.50 inches
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1964-1973 Pontiac GTO
1970-1971 Pontiac GTO The Judge
1974 Pontiac Ventura GTO