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Find out how to build your car's muscle and still keep it original with this reprint of AMC's own racing manual. You will find a long list of performance parts for the V-8 engine and chassis, but this manual does you one better - it suggests the BEST part for each model for each year, with a list of interchangeable engine parts. Includes the original part numbers. You will also find out how to make performance modifications. You can choose to modify your engine to make it capable of 5500 rpm, 6000 rpm, 7500 rpm, or more: for each type this book tells you what combinations of carburetor, intake manifold, and camshaft to use (all with part numbers), and gives you how-to instructions for souping up the engine (such as how to rework cylinder heads). There are also blueprinting specifications, source lists for AMC and aftermarket parts, pictures of some of the race cars, and more. New condition. Buy now to find out how to make your car into a racing machine.


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Exact Title: "Performance American Style: a guide for modifying AMC and Jeep vehicles for off highway competition."
Page Count: 44
Authenticity: This item is a reproduction.
OEM Part Number: 2108988507 REPRINT

Model-Years Application

This manual covers all 1966, 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, and 1972 AMC, (including AMX & Javelin), and Jeep vehicles. Includes 290, 304, 343, 360, 390, and 401 cubic inch engines.
1966 American Motors Classic
1968-1972 American Motors AMX
1971-1972 American Motors Hornet Sportabout
1966 American Motors Classic 770
1968-1972 American Motors Javelin
1971-1972 American Motors Matador
1967 American Motors Ambassador 990
1968-1972 American Motors Javelin SST
1972 American Motors Gremlin
1967 American Motors Marlin
1969 American Motors Rambler
1971 Jeep J-3800
1967-1968 American Motors American
1969 American Motors Rambler 440
1971-1972 Jeep J-2500
1967-1968 American Motors American 440
1969 American Motors Rambler Hurst SC/Rambler
1971-1972 Jeep J-4500
1967-1968 American Motors American Rogue
1969 American Motors Rambler Rogue
1971-1972 Jeep J-4600
1967-1968 American Motors Rebel 770
1970 American Motors Javelin SST Mark Donohue
1971-1972 Jeep J-4700
1967-1970 American Motors Ambassador
1970 American Motors Javelin SST Trans Am
1971-1972 Jeep J-4800
1967-1970 American Motors Rebel
1970 American Motors Rebel Machine
1972 Jeep CJ5
1967-1970 American Motors Rebel SST
1970-1971 American Motors Hornet
1972 Jeep CJ6
1968 American Motors Rebel 550
1970-1972 American Motors Hornet SST
1972 Jeep J-2600
1968-1971 American Motors Ambassador DPL
1971 American Motors Hornet SC/360
1972 Jeep Jeepster Commando
1968-1972 American Motors Ambassador SST
1971-1972 American Motors Ambassador Brougham
1972 Jeep Wagoneer


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