1966 Ford Galaxie 427 Mustang 289 Police 428 Hi-Per Owner Manual

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This is a quality reproduction of the supplement that came with your owner's manual if your car has the 427, the High Performance 289, or the Police Interceptor 428. You will find in-depth specifications and thorough descriptions of each engine and its equipment, accompanied by cutaway views of the drive trains. Learn about Ford's maintenance recommendations and find out which performance adjustments they suggest for ignition systems, the crankshaft, chassis, and more! You will also see descriptions of the high performance equipment and appearance accessories available in "Cobra Kits" for the 289.This NEW 37-page owner's manual covers '66 Mustang with the high-performance 289 engine; that is, the 4 bbl carbureted 271 hp engine code K. Also covers the Galaxie 427 and the Police Interceptor 428. Buy now to own the manual that came with your car.
"Ford High Performance Equipment."
This item is a reproduction
9.25 x 4.00 x 0.25 inches
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