1966 Plymouth Belvedere 426 Hemi HP2 Engine Service Manual Reprint

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"1966 Hemi Belvedere HP2 Service Bulletin Manual" This is a specialized manual for the Hemi powered Plymouth HP2 engine, which is not covered in the regular 1966 Plymouth shop manual. You will find service information for lubrication, maintenance, accessories, front suspension, rear axle, axle shafts & bearings, rear axle, differential, clutch, distributor, ignition, engine, exhaust system, steering, transmission, and much more. Includes exploded views, illustrations, specifications, tightening references, and special tools. Covers 1966 Hemi powered Plymouth HP2 Belvedere Models. 35 pages, New condition reprint of the Mopar factory manual. Buy now for this hard-to-find information on the 426 Hemi HP2.
"1966 Hemi Belvedere HP2 Service Bulletin Manual"
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1966 Plymouth Belvedere
1966 Plymouth Belvedere