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This is the ORIGINAL manual that was issued with your car. You will find instructions on the instruments & controls, operation of the standard equipment such as the assist starting, automatic transmission, heater, etc., optional accessories, tires & wheels, convertible features, appearance, and maintenance. Includes specifications, fuse chart, bulb chart, towing information and fluid capacities data. Covers The book measures 9" x 4" and has 45 pages. Buy now to own the best original manual for your car.
"Plymouth Belvedere 1966 Operating Instructions"
This item is original.
4.00 x 9.00 x 0.25 inches
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1966 Plymouth Belvedere I, Belvedere II, Satellite, coupe, convertible, sedan, and wagons.
1966 Plymouth Belvedere
1966 Plymouth Belvedere II
1966 Plymouth Satellite