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This is the definitive guide to model evolution and the original details of the 1974-1989 911, 912E, & 930 Porsche. Inside you will find correct paint schemes, bodywork, accessories, engine specifications, identification and production data. You'll see details of components such as the inner body & chassis, exterior body panels, exterior trim, luggage compartment, and interior. Accompanying this highly descriptive text are black and white photographs on every page showing all manner of body and trim parts and details of the changes those parts went through during the 1974-1989 period. Appendixes give you lists of wheels, options, interior and exterior colors, and chassis numbers with engine and transmission combinations. It focuses on the body and trim parts, and not mechanical parts. This soft-bound guide has 135 pages and is in BRAND NEW condition! Whether you're a collector looking to verify the authenticity of your Porsche, a restorer looking to bring one back to pristine original condition, or simply an admirer of these fun cars, this volume is a must-have for any Porsche enthusiast. Buy now to own the best guide to originality for your Porsche!
Mark S. Haab
"The 1974-1989 911 912E & 930 Porsche Authenticity Series"
11.00 x 8.50 x 0.30 inches
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