1975-1976 Porsche 911 Carrera "Owner's Manual" Sales Catalog Original

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This original booklet was printed by Porsche and sent to prospective customers. It is a sales piece with owner's-manual type information. Here are some excerpts:

"we want you to know more about it. Not simply though promotional literature, but through the detailed information you can find only in an Owner's Manual. . . This Owner's Manual will bring the Porsche 911S closer to you, and prepare you for taking control of one. As the next step, your Porsche dealer is ready to put you behind the wheel for a 911S Check-out. . . When you complete the Check-out, your Porsche dealer will validate your Owner's Manual. Shortly thereafter, Porsche will send you a certificate attesting to your skill as a 911S driver."

Inside is abbreviated version of the owner's manual, with black and white pictures of the dash, instructions for the gauges, a desciprtion of the engine, explanations of the mechanical components, and specfications

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"Porsche 911S/Carrera Owner's Manual"
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