1982-1994 BMW 3-Series (E30) Performance Guide 318 325

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The E 30 is an easy car to modify, with many thousands built in different configurations over the years, and easy parts interchangeability with other BMW models. Throw in a racing pedigree, retro-cool appeal, and a healthy dose of aftermarket parts support and you have nearly the perfect enthusiast car.

Whether for on-track duty or simply improved street performance, the E30 series cars have proven to respond to well chosen upgrades. Each specific section of the car (chassis, engine, transmission, etc.) is showcased and suitable performance upgrades are discussed in detail. Exterior appearance items are also covered, as are maximum wheel and tire sizes for the entire family of 3-series E30 BMWs. This book offers current and future owners a wealth of important information, including a buyer’s guide, year-by-year upgrades and changes, and more.

• A complete end-to-end guide to evaluating an E30 for potential purchase is included in great detail, with solid recommendations from experienced experts.

• The most- and least-desirable powertrain combinations are shared, and the performance potential of each is revealed in detail. Engine swaps are also reviewed, with honest assessments of their overall benefit and worth.

This book includes 332 black and white photos. Buy this book and you will have a valuable addition to any BMW owner’s library.
Robert Bowen
"BMW 3-Series (E30) Performance Guide 1982-1994"
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This book was written in the US, but much of the information applies to cars in other markets. This book focuses on 318, 325, 325es, 325e, 325is, and 318is models, and to a small extent on 325ix and M3 models.
1982-1983 BMW 320i Coupe 2-Door
1984-1985 BMW 318i Coupe 2-Door
1985-1994 BMW 318i Sedan 4-Door
1987-1990 BMW M3 Sport Coupe
1987-1991 BMW 325i Convertible 2-Door
1987-1991 BMW 325i Sedan 4-Door
1987-1991 BMW 325is Coupe 2-Door
1988-1991 BMW M3 Coupe 2-Door
1989-1991 BMW 325i Coupe 2-Door
1991 BMW 318is Coupe 2-Door
1991-1994 BMW 318i Convertible 2-Door