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This book was by GM and handed out by dealers to promote the 1987 Allante. It explains the development of the car, and details the car's features. It features celebrities reacting to and interpreting the car like a piece of art. The main text of the book is in English, but it also includes German, Italian, and French translations. Includes color photos on nearly every page. Buy now to own this hard-to-find original factory piece. Chapters include:

Chapter 1: A History of Excellence
Chapter 2: Pininfarina: Coachbuilder to the World - A Pininfarina Portfolio
Chapter 3: The Subject is Allante: A classic photographer presents the car
Chapter 4: The Art of Interior Design by Giorgio Armani
Chapter 5: A Precision Partnership: The Italians - The Worlds Longest Assembly Line - Engineering Ingenuity: The Americans - Testing Procedures Second To None
Chapter 6: A Grand Brand of Touring - Mario Andretti puts Allante through its paces
Chapter 7: The Discipline of Creating A World-Class Performance
Chapter 8: A Lasting Impression
"Cadillac Allante"
14.25 x 10.25 x 0.60 inches
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Manual covers the history and performance of the 1987 Cadillac Allante.
1987 Cadillac Allante Convertible 2-Door
1987 Cadillac Allante