1987 Ford Truck (CAB) Foldout Wiring Diagram F600 F700 F800 F7000 F8000 FT800 FT900 FT8000

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This is the original wiring diagram printed by Ford for dealer mechanics. You can follow the wiring in your truck from bumper-to-bumper. It will help you to understand connector configurations, and locate & identify circuits, relays, and grounds. Although the schematic is in black and white, the color of each wire is noted. You will not find this diagram in your shop manual. The schematic measures 11" x 17" when folded up, and opens up to 11" by 27". Diagrams may be folded in half for shipping. The diagram pictured is an example of this type when unfolded, but is not the actual diagram for your vehicle. Buy now for the best electrical repair info--the factory wiring diagram.

This diagram is complete as printed by Ford, and is the only diagram made by Ford for these vehicles. Pages are numbered 1 of 4 through 4 of 4. The index indicates additional information on pages 5 and beyond. Ford made a mistake and did not print these additional pages, nor have we been able locate additions or corrections to the diagram. The diagram includes engine compartment and alternator, ignition coils, fuel system, vacuum pumps, some relays but not all, emissions and fuel solenoids. It does not include A/C and heater, axle control, lighting, horn, wipers, and many switches. If you need information missing from this diagram, we recommend that you purchase a 1986 or 1988 diagram in addition to this one.

1987 Truck Wiring Diagrams F600-800 (CAB)
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To find out if you need a cab or a cowl wiring diagram, check the 3rd digit of the BODY code on the Vehicle Rating Decal. The number 7 indicates that the vehicle is a Cowl and the letter G indicates that the vehicle is a Cowl with an electric fuel pump, anything else would indicate that the vehicle is a Cab. On cowl and windshield vehicles, the Vehicle Rating Decal is mounted on the right side of the cowl top panel under the hood. On all other vehicles, the Vehicle Rating Decal is mounted on the rear face of the left front door. This diagram covers: 1987 F-600, F-700, F-800, F-7000, F-8000, FT-800, FT-900 and FT-8000. If you also want to verify that your vehicle is a 1987, check the 10th digit of your VIN, which should be an H.
1987 Ford F F600
1987 Ford F F700
1987 Ford F F7000
1987 Ford F F800
1987 Ford F F8000
1987 Ford F FT800
1987 Ford F FT8000
1987 Ford F FT900
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