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This is a dealer-only album that salespeople used. You will find the following information in this book:

Launch Plans -- Inside the book, you'll find explanations of Buick's national marketing strategy, as well as information to help local dealerships promote the car. Find out the demographics the cars are aimed at.. Learn about the public relations campaigns at auto shows and other events, media strategy, and driving demonstrations. See images of dealership materials such as posters and brochures. Includes text, with a few charts and graphs, and photos. Buy now to be one of the few collectors to own this privileged information.

"1989 Buick Riviera Launch Dealership Manual"
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9.00 x 6.60 x 0.50 inches
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1989 Buick Riviera Luxury Coupe 2-Door
1989 Buick Riviera T-Type Coupe 2-Door
1989 Buick Riviera