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This thorough, in-depth manual is the best aftermarket manual for working on your vehicle. Includes maintenance procedures for everything from brake fluid changes to resetting the Service Indicator. This manual tells you what to do and when to do it. Engine and cylinder service, repair and reconditioning, including camshaft timing chain setup and adjustment. Information for specific driveability problems, including explanation of engine management systems and OBD (On-Board Diagnostics). Theory of operation and repair information for DISA (Dual Resonance Intake System) on 4-cylinder engines and VANOS (Variable Valve Timing) on 6-cylinder engines. Drivetrain maintenance, troubleshooting, adjustement and repair, including hydraulic clutch, gearshift linkage, and driveshaft. Heating and air conditioning repair, including A/C component replacement. Body adjustments and repairs, including convertible top replacement and adjustment. Wiring schematics for all circuits, including power distribution, grounds, and component location illustrations and photos. This book includes 926 photos, illustrations, and diagrams.

"BMW 3 Series Service Manual"
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This manual covers 1992-1998 BMW 3 Series models including; M3, 318i, 323i, 325i, 328i, is, iC, Sedan, Coupe, and Convertible. This is known as the BMW E36 platform.
1992-1995 BMW 325i Convertible 2-Door
1992-1995 BMW 325i Sedan 4-Door
1992-1995 BMW 325is Coupe 2-Door
1992-1998 BMW 318i Convertible 2-Door
1992-1998 BMW 318i Sedan 4-Door
1992-1998 BMW 318is Coupe 2-Door
1994-1998 BMW M3 Coupe 2-Door
1995 BMW M3 Lightweight Coupe 2-Door
1996-1998 BMW 328i Convertible 2-Door
1996-1998 BMW 328i Sedan 4-Door
1996-1998 BMW 328is Coupe 2-Door
1997-1998 BMW M3 Sedan 4-Door
1998 BMW 323i Convertible 2-Door
1998 BMW M3 Convertible 2-Door