1997 Lincoln Mark VIII Original Owner's Manual

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"Mark VIII 1997 Owner Guide" This is the original manual that was issued with all 1997 Lincoln Continental Mark VIII models. You will find operating instructions for standard and optional equipment, such as locks, seats, mirrors, lights, instruments, clock, radio, power windows, power seats, brakes, heater, air conditioning, and much more. You'll learn about emergency procedures and find out about regular maintenance, like checking fluids, filters, and belts. You'll also see maintenance schedules. The owner's manual measures 7.25" x 4.5", has 314 pages. Optionally, also included is the 32-page "1997 Maintenance Schedule and Record 1997 Mark VIII." Buy now for this original manual from Lincoln.
"Mark VIII 1997 Owner Guide"
This item is original.
4.50 x 7.25 x 0.62 inches
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1997 Lincoln Mark VIII LSC Sedan 2-Door
1997 Lincoln Mark VIII Sedan 2-Door
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