Chrysler B-Body Muscle History Charger Road Runner Super Bee

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This large, handsome hardcover book is filled with hundreds of photos. It tells the entire B-Body story, from the original Dodge Charger through the popular Charger being sold today. The glory years of 1966 to 1971 are the focus, but the years between then and now are covered as well. During that time, the Charger first became a personal luxury car swaddled in Fine Corinthian Leather, then a hot hatchback imbued with the great Carroll Shelby's mojo. Charger's triumphant return to form beginning in 2006 wraps up this compelling, 50-year story of one of America's great performance cars and its siblings.

Find out the history on the race track in the mid-1960s that led to the reintroduction of the Hemi engine. You get a full sense of the context not only on the race track, but also in the tastes of baby boomers in the car market that shaped B-body cars. You'll learn historical details like how the Roadrunner came to be, and how it came to have it's "meep, meep!" horn. Buy now to find out the history how the B-body fit into and shaped American car culture.
James Manning Michels
by James Manning Michels - brown spine, white lettering
"50 Years of Chrysler B-Body Muscle Charger Road Runner & Super Bee"
James Manning Michels
"50 Years of Chrysler B-Body Muscle Charger Road Runner & Super Bee"
2020-02-11 23:17:52
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