How to Rebuild and Modify Muncie 4-Speed Manual Transmission 1963-1974 GM

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Transmission expert and veteran author Paul Cangialosi has created an indispensable reference to Muncie 4-speeds that guides you through each crucial stage of the rebuild process. Comprehensive ID information is provided, so you can positively identify the cases, shafts, and related parts. It discusses available models, parts options, and gearbox cases. Most important, it shows how to completely disassemble the gearbox, identify wear and damage, select the best parts, and complete the rebuild. You'll also learn how to choose the ideal gear ratio for a particular application. High-performance and racing setups are also shown, including essential modifications, gun drilling the shafts, cutting down the gears to remove weight, and achieving race-specific clearances.

Muncie 4-speeds need rebuilding after many miles of service and extreme use. In addition, when a muscle car owner builds a high-performance engine that far exceeds stock horsepower, a stronger high-performance transmission must be built to accommodate this torque and horsepower increase. No other book goes into this much detail on the identification of the Muncie 4-speed, available parts, selection of gear ratios, and the rebuild process. Includes 451 color photos and charts. There's a lot of misinformation around about the Muncie, but Paul Cangialosi really knows his stuff. Buy now to get the best book and the most accurate information on the Muncie.
Paul Cangialosi
"Muncie 4-Speed Transmissions How to Rebuild and Modify"
8.50 x 11.00 x 0.25 inches
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Covers 1963-1974 Muncie 4-Speed transmissions, including M20, M21, and M22. You'll learn about detailed differences between models and years, including the "rock crusher."
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