Land Rover: 65 Years of the 4X4 Workhorse

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Newly revised to cover up to 2013, this is the definitive history of the Land Rover. In this revised edition of his acclaimed book, first issued as Land Rover -60 Years of the 4X4 Workhorse, James Taylor charts sixty-five years of Land Rover development in comprehensive detail, bringing the story right up to date with the latest Defender variants. The Land Rover's gradual evolution has embraced a huge number of variants, and this book is the first on ever to look at the total story. This book covers prototypes and development vehicles, standard production models, special editions, Land Rovers built outside the UK, special conversions, military variants, and the Land Rovers that never were. The analysis of the models built in the UK and overseas is backed up by the story of their development, carefully gathered from interviews with those who were responsible and from documents written at the time. in addition, you'll see authoritative coverage of the many specialist aftermarket conversions that have added such rich variety to the Land Rover scene.

Comprehensively researched, exensively illustrated, and accessibly presented, this book is an indispensible read for all those who have an interest in the legend that is Land Rover.
James Taylor
"Land Rover 65 Years of the 4X4 Workhorse"
11.30 x 8.75 x 1.00 inches
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This covers the Land Rover Defender and its ancestors, including Series I, II, and III, as well as models 90, 110, 127, 101, Military, and Defender models. Defenders are covered up through 2013, though they don't show in my model list below since they weren't in the US market.
1948-1958 Land Rover Series 1 Gas
1950-1974 Land Rover Land Rover
1959-1970 Land Rover Series 2 Diesel
1959-1970 Land Rover Series 2 Gas
1972-1980 Land Rover Series III Military
1972-1985 Land Rover Series 3
1975-1978 Land Rover 101 Military
1983-1992 Land Rover Ninety
1983-1992 Land Rover One-Ten
1993-1995 Land Rover Defender 110 Sport Utility 4-Door
1993-1997 Land Rover Defender
1994-1998 Land Rover Defender 90 Sport Utility 2-Door
1997 Land Rover Defender 90 LE Sport Utility 2-Door
1998-2005 Land Rover Defender Td5
2012-2013 Land Rover Defender SE Sport Utility 2-Door
2012-2013 Land Rover Defender SE Sport Utility 4-Door