The Definitive Chevelle SS Guide 1964-1972: Facts, Figures, and Features

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This book is designed to help a Chevelle SS buyer or owner assess a car's originality, identify what's needed to repair or restore it, and it enjoy it for years to come. With scores of tables to help you decode VIN numbers and trim tags, plus hundreds of photos that showcase year-by-year differences and depict how components looked when they left the factory, this book is designed to provide practical information about what original components looked like, what problems are typical, and how to restore or replace them, with the goal of returning your Chevelle to its original condition. The Definitive Chevelle SS Guide: 1964-1972 showcases the cosmetic, interior, powertrain, and chassis changes that occurredthrough the years. Heavily illustrated, the book features 450 images detailing the correct parts and accessories your Chevelle had when new.  Beginning in 1969, the Chevelle SS was no longer its own model and was relegated to being an option package. Hence, it can become difficult to determine if a 1969-1972 model was ordered from the factory with Super Sport equipment. Author and noted Chevelle expert Dale McInctosh discusses each model in a year-by-year format, providing correct information on what was and wasn't part of the Malibu SS, SS396, and SS-optioned Chevelle. Crucial to this is a firm understanding of plant-by-plant variances along with mid-year changes that he has identified to make your Chevelle SS factory correct.  The paperback book is in BRAND NEW CONDITION!

Rarely deos a book offer this much hard data in an easy and conscise read.  Buy  now to be confident that your SS is as original as possible.

Dale McIntosh
"The Definitive Chevelle SS Guide 1964-1972"
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