Volkswagen 9 Lives Later: 1930-1965 500 VW Pictures

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Dan Post examines the controversial history of the VW line and details its remarkable development in "Volkswagen: Nine Lives Later". This book details the creation of the Volkswagen from Dr. Ing. Heinz Nordhoff and Dr. Ing. Ferdinand Porsche's factory in Austria. When the book was first published in 1966, this early history was controversial (especially in Germany, where the book never has been published) because VW pre-production happened under Nazi party rule, and the book includes some photos by Hitler's personal photographer. You will find information about each VW model's birth and transformation over the years. You'll see loads of information on the bug, plus a 24 page chapter devoted to the Kdf & Kublewagen (forerunners to the "Thing"), a 28 page chapter on the development of the Transporter, and 18 pages devoted to the Karmann Ghia. Follow Volkswagen through 35 years of history with this book. There are 500 black and white illustrations of Volkswagen prototypes, rare sketches, cars, advertising, and comics. When VW's company archivist first previewed the book in 1966, he wrote that "this man has done an excellent job. The pictures alone are worth buying the book and many of them we have never seen before." This book is essential for any VW enthusiast looking for Volkswagen collectibles, or those who want to learn about the car's history. Buy now to own this NEW 317 page book of fascinating Volkswagen history.
"Volkswagen: Nine Lives Later"
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