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This original Chrysler publication is your ultimate resource for finding original automotive hardware. Make your car original down to the last nut & bolt. You will find standard hardware parts such as bolts, fittings, nuts, pins, screws, fasteners, springs, and washers. See drawings of original parts along with original part numbers, part names, diameter, thread dimesions, length, material, and finish. Includes indexes by part names and by part number. Buy now for this hard-to-find reference.


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Exact Title: "1946 Standard Parts List: A Listing of Standard Parts for Plymouth, Dodge, Desoto, Chrysler Passenger Cars Plymouth Commercial Dodge Job-Related Trucks and Other Makes of Vehicles and Purposes"
Page Count: 73
Authenticity: This item is original.
Dimensions: 11.00 x 8.50 x 0.19
OEM Part Number: D11171

Model-Years Application

This manual covers 1932-1946 Plymouth, Dodge, De Soto and Chrysler models, both cars and trucks.
1932 Chrysler Custom Line
1932 DeSoto Model CF
1938 Dodge D8
1932 Chrysler Deluxe Series CD
1932 DeSoto Model SA
1938 Dodge D9
1932 Chrysler Series 70
1932 DeSoto Model SC
1939 Dodge D11 Luxury Liner
1932 Chrysler Series CD
1933 DeSoto Model SD
1939 Dodge D12 Deluxe
1932 Chrysler Series CI
1934-1936 DeSoto Airflow
1939 Dodge D13 Deluxe
1932 Chrysler Series CP
1935 DeSoto Airstream
1940 Dodge D14
1932 Chrysler Series Six CM
1936 DeSoto Airflow III
1940 Dodge D17
1932 Chrysler Standard Line
1936 DeSoto Deluxe Airstream
1941 Dodge Custom Series D-19
1933 Chrysler Imperial Custom Series CL
1937 DeSoto S-3
1941 Dodge Deluxe & Special D-21
1933 Chrysler Imperial Series CQ
1938 DeSoto S-5
1941 Dodge Deluxe Series D-19
1933 Chrysler Royal Series CT
1939 DeSoto S-6 Custom
1941 Dodge Kingsway D-20
1933 Chrysler Series CO
1939 DeSoto S-6 Deluxe
1941-1946 Dodge Mil. WC 1/2 ton
1934 Chrysler Airflow Series CU
1940 DeSoto S-7 Custom
1941-1946 Dodge Mil. WC 3/4 ton
1934 Chrysler Imperial Airflow Series CV
1940 DeSoto S-7 Deluxe
1942 Dodge Custom Series D-22
1934 Chrysler Imperial Custom Airflow Series CW
1941 DeSoto S-8 Custom
1942 Dodge Deluxe Series D-22
1934 Chrysler Imperial Custom Airflow Series CX
1941 DeSoto S-8 Deluxe
1946 Dodge Custom
1934 Chrysler Series CA
1942 DeSoto S-10 Custom
1946 Dodge WC
1934 Chrysler Series CB
1942 DeSoto S-10 Deluxe
1946 Dodge WD15
1935 Chrysler Airflow Series C-1
1946 DeSoto S-11 Custom
1946 Dodge WD20
1935 Chrysler Airstream Deluxe Series CZ
1946 DeSoto S-11 Deluxe
1946 Dodge WD21
1935 Chrysler Airstream Series C-6
1932 Dodge Series DC
1946 Dodge WDX
1935 Chrysler Airstream Series CZ
1932 Dodge Series DD
1932 Plymouth Model PA
1935 Chrysler Imperial Airflow Series C-2
1932 Dodge Series DG
1932 Plymouth Model PB
1935 Chrysler Imperial Custom Airflow Series C-3
1932 Dodge Series DH
1933 Plymouth Model PC
1935 Chrysler Imperial Custom Airflow Series C-W
1932 Dodge Series DK
1933 Plymouth Model PD
1936 Chrysler Airstream Deluxe Series C-8
1932 Dodge Series DL
1934 Plymouth Deluxe PE Model
1936 Chrysler Airstream Series C-7
1932 Dodge Series DM
1934 Plymouth Standard PF Model
1936 Chrysler Imperial Airflow
1932-1946 Dodge Medium & Heavy Duty Truck
1934 Plymouth Standard PG Model
1936-1937 Chrysler Airflow
1932-1946 Dodge Pickup & Light-Duty Truck
1935 Plymouth Deluxe PJ Model
1936-1937 Chrysler Imperial Custom Airflow
1933 Dodge Series DO
1935 Plymouth Model PJ
1937 Chrysler Custom
1933 Dodge Series DP
1936 Plymouth P1 Business Line
1937-1939 Chrysler Imperial
1933 Dodge Series DQ
1936 Plymouth P2 Deluxe
1937-1939 Chrysler Imperial Custom
1934 Dodge Series DT
1936-1942 Plymouth Truck
1937-1942 Chrysler Royal
1934 Dodge Special
1937-1938 Plymouth Deluxe
1938 Chrysler New York Special
1934 Dodge Standard
1937-1938 Plymouth Roadking
1939 Chrysler Royal Windsor
1934-1946 Dodge Deluxe
1939 Plymouth P7 Roadking
1939-1942 Chrysler Saratoga
1935 Dodge New Value Series DU
1939 Plymouth P8 Deluxe
1939-1946 Chrysler New Yorker
1935 Dodge Series DV & DV-6
1940 Plymouth P10 Deluxe
1940 Chrysler Traveler
1936 Dodge D-2 Beauty Winner
1940 Plymouth P9 Roadking
1940-1942 Chrysler Crown Imperial
1936 Dodge D-3
1941 Plymouth P11 Deluxe
1940-1942 Chrysler Windsor
1936 Dodge D-4
1941 Plymouth P11 Standard
1946 Chrysler Imperial C-40
1937 Dodge D5
1941 Plymouth P12 Special Deluxe
1946 Chrysler Royal Series
1937 Dodge D6
1942 Plymouth P14C Special Deluxe
1946 Chrysler Saratoga Series
1937 Dodge D7
1942 Plymouth P14S Deluxe
1946 Chrysler Town & Country
1937 Dodge Truck
1946 Plymouth P15 Deluxe
1946 Chrysler Windsor Series
1938 Dodge D10
1946 Plymouth P15 Special Deluxe


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