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This is the original manual printed by Ford that the dealer would use to work on your vehicle. Inside you will find service instructions for the 215 6 cylinder engine, the 239 8 cylinder engine, transmission, radio installation, sealing the body to eliminate dust & leaks, and much more. Includes detailed specifications. You'll find detailed instructions, pictures and diagrams on nearly every one of the 48 pages inside this supplement. It will refer you back to the 1952 manual for most of the information. Buy now to own the original repair manual for your car.
"Ford Passenger Car Shop Manual Supplement 1953"
This item is original.
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The supplement covers only the changes in the 1953 Ford cars, including Tudors, Fordors, coupes, Convertibles, Victoria, Courier, Country Squire, Ranch Wagon, and other wagons.
1953 Ford Club
1953 Ford Country Sedan
1953 Ford Country Squire
1953 Ford Courier Sedan Delivery
1953 Ford Crestline
1953 Ford Customline
1953 Ford Mainline
1953 Ford Ranch Wagon
1953 Ford Sunliner
1953 Ford Victoria