1954 Fisher Body Assembly Manual Set Noise & Leak Prevention and Welding Reprints

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This 2-book set contains reproductions of Body by Fisher Assembly Manuals. It includes the (1) "Welding Assembly Manual Instructions-Specifications 1954 Buick Century Buick Special All Oldsmobile Assembly Plants," and (2) "1954 Fisher Body Noise and Leak Prevention Assembly Manual ‘B&BBX’ Buick Century, Buick Skylark, Buick Special, All Oldsmobile"

(1) This assembly manual is unlike anything you've ever seen. This Fisher body plant assembly manual shows how metal body parts are welded together - it shows the location of hundreds of welds. It’s helpful for hidden welds holding up parts you might need to remove and replace. If you’re replacing parts due to rust, you’ll find out how to replace mounting parts that have rusted away. The book is particularly useful if the car has had damage from a wreck. You learn the specific type of weld (stitch, gas, seam, etc.) that was originally used in each location. 

  • Front and rear seats: seat back and bottom, seat frames, springs
  • Underbody: how floor pan is welded in, and also how other parts are welded to floor pan
  • Front End: how dash is welded in
  • Rear quarter: wheelhouse, folding top compartment, lock pillar, inner and outer quarter panels
  • Roof: roof rails, dome lamp support
  • Side frame: inner and outer rocker panels, side roof rail
  • Final assembly: welding many of the above large parts to each other, glass channels, and roof panels. 

    The book covers cars from the firewall back; the hood and front fenders are not covered (because these were assembled at the chassis assembly plant and not the Fisher body plant).


(2) This book shows you how GM originally made your car watertight and sound proof. It’s a useful resource for keeping your car protected and comfortable today; these cars are old enough that many of the seals need replacing. It’s filled with cutaway illustrations of the body, including the metal and the wood. The manual shows you how to apply sealants (rubber cement, primer, rubber dough, solder, lubricants, and more) to the car; it does NOT focus on adding parts to the car.


Sealing and Cementing

See how door hinges and inner panels are made watertight and sound proof. Find out about sealing around glass and window gutters. See illustrations of how sealants are applied to weather-stripping on the door ventilator, door locks, doors, and trunk lid. Learn about applying sealant to underbody welds, joints/tabs, drains, exterior molding (belt, reveal, and crease), front end, and dash. See how the rear quarter panels are soldered where they are welded to roof, as well as soldering for a few welded joints elsewhere.


Sound Deadeners and Antisqueak

The book shows you how to cement in sound deadeners for the dash, shroud, doors, trunk, roof, rear quarter, and floor. Find out how to prevent squeaks in the instrument panel, floor pan, under window ventilator support, door hinges, trunk/rear compartment, and rear quarter. You will see illustrated instructions for lubricating hinges and hardware including: door lock mechanism, door hinges, door hardware, window regulators, trunk lid hardware, shroud top ventilator hinge, glove box door hinge and spring, and seat adjusters.


These materials were applied to the body during assembly, so sometimes you will have to remove body parts to get to the places where the sealants go; you may need a body repair manual to show you how to do that for some of the more deeply buried parts.

 Please see the sample pages. All pages are watermarked with a background image like the sample.

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(1) "Welding Assembly Manual Instructions Specifications 1954 Buick Century Buick Special All Oldsmobile Assembly Plants" (2) "1954 Fisher Body Noise and Leak Prevention Assembly Manual 'B & BX' Buick Century Buick Skylark, Buick Special, All Oldsmobile"
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