1963-1964 Ford Galaxie 427 High Performance Parts List Reprint

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This is a reprinted list of engine and chassis parts for 1963-64 Ford vehicles equipped with the 427 cubic inch High Performance engine. This booklet includes a listing of parts for the front suspension & steering linkage, rear axle, front spring & stabilizer, engine, transmission, clutch, radiator, grille, water pump & fan, fuel tank & pump, manifolds, carburetor, air cleaner, accelerator & choke control rods, generator & alternator, electrical, and shock absorbers. The list has part numbers and descriptions but no illustrations. Additionally it includes specifications for the engine itself, which gives you information about piston firing order, maximum torque, compression ratio, and RPM red line. Covers the 427 4V and 8V.This booklet also features Light-weight body components for the 62 and 63 Galaxie Sedan and Convertible. New condition with 4 information packed pages. Buy now to get this valuable list for your very own.
"1963-64 Ford High Performance Parts and Accessories"
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1963-1964 Ford Galaxie
1963 1964 Ford Galaxie