1964 ½-1966 Ford Mustang & Shelby Originality Guide

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This guide offers a historical point of reference for the early Mustangs, before "modification" became a household word. It's the definitive guide to original factory equipment with close-up illustrations of bodywork, interior and mechanical details. These pages feature either immaculately restored cars or unmolested originals, with more than 240 detailed photographs that make it easy to differentiate between years and models. Detailed tables describe both standard and optional equipment for every model, as well as warranty plate decoding, gear ratios, and axle build tags. You will find detailed descriptions of standard and optional equipment for the body, exterior trim, interior, chassis, engines, exhaust system, transmissions, clutches, rear axles, suspension, steering, brakes, and tire specifications. Supporting this detailed information are more than 240 exquisite color photographs showing close-up views of bodywork, interior, and mechanical details. One chapter covers each year, and you'll find an entire chapter devoted just to Shelbys. Original Mustang 1964.5-1966 is all about keeping the legend alive. Buy now to find out the details that will make your Mustang a true original!
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"Collectors Originality Guide Mustang 1964 1/2-1966"
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Covers all models, including GT, hardtop, fastback, Shelby, and convertible.
1964-1966 Ford Mustang
1964 1965 1966 Ford Mustang