1966-1974 Dodge Charger Used Parts Buyers Guide

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Whether you are making your first or your 1000th purchase of a used part, don't leave home without the Used Parts Guide. This is the ultimate guide for identifying, inspecting, and buying used mechanical parts.  Many parts, from engines and alternators to brakes and sun visors, are interchangeable among models and makes. This book allows you to look up a part for your car and find which other MOPAR vehicles used that same part.  You may be surprised to know that the deck lid from any model 1971-72 Charger will fit your 1974 Charger.  You may be surprised to know that the deck lid from any model 1971-72 Charger will fit your 1974 Charger. This guide is loaded with thousands of interchanges like that.  With this information, you can interchange parts between different model and year cars, improve your odds of finding the part you need at a salvage yard or swap meet, or even purchase new parts for less. The Charger Used Parts Buyers Guide is the perfect resource for everyone from the serious restorer to the backyard mechanic.

You'll find casting numbers, parts numbers, and parts identification codes, along with explanations of where to find the numbers on the parts, and which parts interchange with one another. You'll even see practical tips on evaluating the condition of each type of part, removing parts, and how to find the best deal.

You will find interchange for parts for the engine, fuel system, oil system, cooling system, exhaust, transmissions, suspension, steering, rear axles, driveshafts, brakes, wheels, wheelcovers, electrical systems, grille, bumpers, exterior trim, glass, mirrors, emblems, instrument panel, glove box, seat rails, seat frame, head rests, door interior handles, seat belts and sun visors. You get over 200 phoots and illustrations to help you remove and identify the part you are looking for.  The book is in BRAND NEW condition! Buy now to own this indispensable guide for interchanging the parts on your Charger!

Paul Herd
"Used Parts Buyers Guide Charger 1966-1974 Interchangeable Parts"
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This book covers Chargers with the following engines: 318, 340, 400, 440, and 426 Hemi.  Although 383 isn't listed on the cover, it looks to be included inside.

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