1962-1979 MoPar B-Body Performance Upgrades FULL COLOR

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Mopar B-Body cars were equipped with torsion bar front suspension, antiquated disc and drum brakes, and worm gear steering, and other 1960s-1970s technology. Now owners can enjoy the visceral V-8 muscle car experience and fit these cars with modern equipment for superior road handling, a smooth ride, efficient transmission, and many other performance upgrades. Today, an entire spectrum of parts is available to transform the B-Body’s merely average performance into awesome performance, and this means taking a quantum leap forward in engine output, handling, braking, comfort, and reliability.

This book is your own personal guide to pick the best parts for to transform every component group from antiquated to cutting edge – engine, suspension, chassis, brakes, steering, and drivetrain. Here are some examples of upgrades: A muscle car won't perform at its best if the chassis is not stiff enough to support the suspension under extreme use. Therefore, you'll learn how to fabricate and install subframe connectors and upgrade K-members. B-Body susponsion systems are dated, so selecting high-rate torsion springs, high-performance rear springs, and A-arm front suspensions as well as gas-charged shocks and sway bar kits is detailed. These cars are heavy, so a number of weight -saving methods are revealed that substantially improve handing and performance. Disc brake upgrades are covered to help you stop.This book shows you how to choose and install aluminum heads, solid roller camshafts, and much more.

The basic concept is to combine the classic looks of a B-Body Mopar with modern technology. Buy now to have the best of both worlds.

Andy Finkbeiner
"MOPAR B-Body Performance Upgrades 1962-1979"
11.00 x 8.50 x 0.25 inches
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