1970-1981 Camaro and Firebird Performance Projects

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This book shows you how to transform a bone-stock car into an agile, refined, and fast muscle car that rivals brand-new-car performance. Automotive technology has improved by leaps and bounds since these affordable classics rolled off the line decades ago. There is a huge and growing amount of aftermarket support for these cars. Modern suspension, brake, steering, and powertrain technology can be installed on these affordable classics to transform them into ultimate street machines.

This book provides detailed step-by-step product installations that are comprehensively illustrated with photos, so you can confidently complete high-performance upgrades to a second-generation F-Body Car. The projects range from simple bolt-on installs up to complex chassis modifications. You learn how to install a set of tubular A-arms and coil-over shocks to greatly improve suspension performance and road holding. In addition, the book takes you through the process of bolting on large aftermarket disc brakes to vastly improve stopping power and vehicle safety. Find out to weld in aftermarket wheel tubs to accommodate much larger tires for improved grip and safety. He reveals how to modify the frame to install a multi-link rear suspension. You'll also learn how to install subframe connectors and new gauges so you can keep tabs on the engine, as well as the best heads and cams for your particular setup.

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Jeff Tann
"Camaro & Firebird Performance Projects 1970-1981"
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