1970.5-1981 Definitive Firebird & Trans Am Guide: Facts, Figures and Features

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In "The Definitive Firebird & Trans Am Guide 1970 1/2-1981" Pontiac expert and historian Rocky Rotella examines each production year of the second generation of Firebirds. Production figures, option codes, running changes, model year changes and variances, rarity, collectability, interviews with engineers, and more are thoroughly covered. This is sure to become the ultimate second-generation Firebird reverence book. Complementing the detail and year-by-year analysis is a combination of archival photography from the development of these cars as well as beautiful color photos of original and restored examples today.

This book tells the entire story of these immensely popular cars, whether you are into the second generation of F-Body regular models, Formula 400 performance models, the Super Duty Trans Ams, or the cars of Smokey and the Bandit fame. It is an excellent addition to any pony car, muscle car, or any enthusiast's library. BRAND NEW CONDITION! 500 color photos. Buy now to own this definitive guide.
Rocky Rotella
"The Definitive Firebird & Trans Am Guide 1970 1/2 -1981: Detailed Facts, Figures and Features of Pontiac's Legendary Firebirds and Trans Ams"
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