1951-2012 VW Camper Conversions and Interiors Guide

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This book documents and celebrates the many different camping conversions built on the Volkswagen Transporter and Microbus base across five decades. Until the advent of the new T5 generation in 2004, Volkswagen never made a factory-fitted camper, preferring to approve conversions carried out by firms such as Westfalia, Devon, Dormobile, Sundial, Riviera, and Danbury. However, many other different companies offered conversions on the VW base and the models produced by over forty different converters are described and pictured here by the knowledgeable author. This is a picture history with good documentation on the campers available in Europe and the USA which were based on the Volkswagen Bus/Transporter.

In this expanded and fully updated second edition, over 500 color photographs, coupled with period and archive pictures and brochure materials, illustrate the detailed text, showing and describing the various specifications, layouts, fitments and optional equipment on over forty different conversion companies' models, including: Adventurwagen; Amescador; Arcomobil; Australian Campers; Auto-Sleeper; Bilbo's Campers; Campmobile; Canadiana; Canterbury Pitt; Caraversions Hitop; Danbury Conversions; Dehler Profi; Devon Conversions; Dormobile; Eurec Campers; EZ Campers; Gardena Gypsy; Holdsworth; Joch Camping; Kamper Kits; Karmann Coachbuilts; Moortown Motors; Oxley Coachcraft; Poba Campers; Reimo Conversions; Riviera/ASI Campers; Safare Custom Campers; Service Mota-Caravan; Slumberwagen; South African Campers; Sport Kocijan; Sportsmobile; Sundial Campers; Syro Kit Campers; T3 (T25) UK Campers; Tischer Demountables; Teca Conversions; Viking; Westfalia Campers and VW California.
David Eccles
"VW Camper-The Inside Story: A Guide to VW Camping Conversions and Interiors 1951-2012 Second Edition"
12.00 x 8.60 x 0.65 inches
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1951-1994 Volkswagen Transporter
1968-1974 Volkswagen Campmobile
1971 Volkswagen Transporter 261
1971 Volkswagen Transporter 265
1971-1973 Volkswagen Transporter 215
1971-1974 Volkswagen Transporter 211
1975-1979 Volkswagen Transporter Campmobile Van Camper 3-Door
1975-1979 Volkswagen Transporter Kombi Standard Passenger Van 3-Door
1975-1994 Volkswagen Transporter Standard Passenger Van 3-Door
1980-1981 Volkswagen Vanagon Kombi Standard Passenger Van 3-Door
1980-1991 Volkswagen Vanagon Campmobile Van Camper 3-Door
1981-1991 Volkswagen Vanagon Standard Passenger Van 3-Door
1982-1986 Volkswagen Vanagon L Standard Passenger Van 3-Door
1982-1991 Volkswagen Vanagon GL Standard Passenger Van 3-Door
1986 Volkswagen Vanagon Bus
1986 Volkswagen Vanagon Bus Standard Passenger Van 3-Door
1986-1991 Volkswagen Vanagon Syncro Standard Passenger Van 3-Door
1989-1991 Volkswagen Vanagon Carat Standard Passenger Van 3-Door
1992 Volkswagen EuroVan CL
1992 Volkswagen EuroVan GL
1992-1993 Volkswagen EuroVan CL Standard Passenger Van 3-Door
1992-1993 Volkswagen EuroVan GL Standard Passenger Van 3-Door
1992-1994 Volkswagen EuroVan CV
1992-1994 Volkswagen EuroVan CV Standard Cargo Van 3-Door
1993-1996 Volkswagen EuroVan
1993-1996 Volkswagen EuroVan Standard Passenger Van 3-Door
1993-2003 Volkswagen EuroVan MV Standard Passenger Van 3-Door
1994-1995 Volkswagen EuroVan GLS
1994-2003 Volkswagen EuroVan GLS Standard Passenger Van 3-Door
1995 Volkswagen EuroVan Transport
1995 Volkswagen EuroVan Transport Standard Passenger Van 3-Door
1995-1997 Volkswagen EuroVan Camper Van Camper 3-Door
1999-2003 Volkswagen EuroVan MV Van Camper 3-Door
2012 Volkswagen Transporter Cab & Chassis 2-Door
2012 Volkswagen Transporter Standard Cargo Van 4-Door