Restorer's Guide to Originality VW Bus 1950-1979

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This is the definitive guide to original factory equipment with close-up illustrations of bodywork and mechanical details. It reveals, in words and color photographs, how the bus evolved through the years. In fact, the book lists when changes ocurred by serial number, and not just year, which is especially helpful due to VW's occasional mid-year changes. You'll find detailed descriptions of the body, interior, controls, wheels, tires, engine, transmission, and chassis. Accompanying the authoritative text are over 200 specially commissioned color photographs. The superb photographs, which are both informative and artistic, provide a valuable reference source. This HARDBOUND guide is in NEW CONDITION! An attractive and thorough guide to the bus, Original VW Beetle is indispensable for all owners, restorers, buyers, and enthusiasts. Buy now to find out the details that will make your bus a true original!
Laurence Meredith
"Original VW Bus: The Restorer's Guide to all Bus, Panel Van and Pick-up Models 1950-1979"
12.00 x 9.25 x 0.25 inches
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Covers all Type 2s, including Transporter, Bus, Microbus, Panel Van and Pick-up Models.
1950-1979 Volkswagen Transporter
1971 Volkswagen Transporter 261
1971 Volkswagen Transporter 265
1971-1973 Volkswagen Transporter 215
1971-1974 Volkswagen Transporter 211
1975-1979 Volkswagen Transporter Campmobile Van Camper 3-Door
1975-1979 Volkswagen Transporter Kombi Standard Passenger Van 3-Door
1975-1979 Volkswagen Transporter Standard Passenger Van 3-Door