How to Modify VW Bus Susp. Brakes & Chassis for High Performance Customization

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This is and updated and enlarged edition of the first book devoted to modifying VW Bus suspension, brakes and chassis for high performance, ideal for owners wanting to upgrade handling. All of the information is based on the practical experience of specialist VW mechanics and tuning shops making it suitable for practical enthusiasts and professional mechanics. You'll see evaluations of which factory and aftermarket parts are best for you. Find out how to beef up your factory parts, or how to customize your VW with lowering & raising kits, disc brake conversions, front suspension beam modifications, rear straight swing axle conversion, spring plates, independent rear suspension conversion, heavy duty anti-roll bars, factory suspension, air suspension, Quickshift kits, and much more. You get step-by-step instructions for removing, installing & using these parts. Also includes a guide to VW Bus chassis numbers, and gearbox references. In the back of the book, you'll find lists of clubs and suppliers in the US, UK, and Australia. The detailed text is accompanied by over 250 photographs, most in color. This edition includes many new photographs plus an additional 16 pages of information. The book is in BRAND NEW condition! Buy now to own this must-have book for modifying your VW Bus!
James Hale
"How to Modify Volkswagen Bus Suspension, Brakes & Chassis for High Performance"
8.25 x 10.00 x 0.30 inches
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Covers all 1950-1979 T1 & T2 transporter, bus, van camper & pick-up, and there is also a chapter that applies to T3/T4/T5 models 1979-2011.
1950-1994 Volkswagen Transporter
1971 Volkswagen Transporter 261
1971 Volkswagen Transporter 265
1971-1973 Volkswagen Transporter 215
1971-1974 Volkswagen Transporter 211
1975-1979 Volkswagen Transporter Campmobile Van Camper 3-Door
1975-1979 Volkswagen Transporter Kombi Standard Passenger Van 3-Door
1975-1994 Volkswagen Transporter Standard Passenger Van 3-Door
1980-1981 Volkswagen Vanagon Kombi Standard Passenger Van 3-Door
1980-1982 Volkswagen Vanagon Campmobile Van Camper 3-Door
1981 Volkswagen Vanagon Standard Passenger Van 3-Door
1982 Volkswagen Vanagon GL Standard Passenger Van 3-Door
1982 Volkswagen Vanagon L Standard Passenger Van 3-Door
1992 Volkswagen EuroVan CL
1992 Volkswagen EuroVan GL
1992-1993 Volkswagen EuroVan CL Standard Passenger Van 3-Door
1992-1993 Volkswagen EuroVan GL Standard Passenger Van 3-Door
1992-1994 Volkswagen EuroVan CV
1992-1994 Volkswagen EuroVan CV Standard Cargo Van 3-Door
1993-1996 Volkswagen EuroVan
1993-1996 Volkswagen EuroVan Standard Passenger Van 3-Door
1993-2003 Volkswagen EuroVan MV Standard Passenger Van 3-Door
1994-1995 Volkswagen EuroVan GLS
1994-2003 Volkswagen EuroVan GLS Standard Passenger Van 3-Door
1995 Volkswagen EuroVan Transport
1995 Volkswagen EuroVan Transport Standard Passenger Van 3-Door
1995-1997 Volkswagen EuroVan Camper Van Camper 3-Door
1999-2003 Volkswagen EuroVan MV Van Camper 3-Door