1957-1958 Jeep FC 150-170 Repair Shop Manual Original

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"Service Manual for Jeep Forward Control & 4 Wheel Drive Trucks" This is an original manual issued by Jeep for "experienced servicemen and vehicle owners." You will learn how to service, repair and maintain all automotive systems including: lubrication, fuel, exhaust, cooling, and electrical systems, clutch, transmission, transfer case, propeller shaft, front and rear axle, steering, brakes, wheels, frame, springs, shocks, and body. Get factory instruction for work on the F4-134 engine and L6-226 engine, tune-ups and wheel alignments. Exploded view pictures, all engineering specifications and wiring diagrams included to help get the job done right. 210 pages, 8 ½ x 11". This manual covers all 'Jeep' Forward Control models including the Model FC-170, FC-150, and FC-170 with dual rear wheels. Buy now for this informative and essential shop guide.
"1957-1958 Sevice Manual Jeep Forward Control Models"
AMC Jeep 1958-1988
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1957-1958 Jeep FC150
1957-1958 Jeep FC170
1957 1958 Jeep FC150 1957 1958 Jeep FC170