1964-1974 Pontiac GTO Originality Guide Hardcover

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"Original Pontiac GTO 1964-1974" by Thomas DeMauro. This is the definitive guide to original factory equipment with close-up illustrations of bodywork, interior and mechanical details. Year by year, component by component, you'll discover a comprehensive and useful guide to factory specifications for restoring, reenergizing, and simply admiring the pride of Pontiac. Starting with the inaugural 1964 model, inside is a complete, illustrated evolution of the GTO. Detailed year by year and building on the previous models - what was carried over, perfected, and introduced - you'll not only understand what made, say, the 1970-1974 GTO's corner-carving characteristics superior to most of it's competition, but why and how Pontiac engineers created what was destined to become the most popular muscle-car ever. Full of 250 detailed color photos that feature the intricacies and beauty of the body, interior, and magic under the hood, the result is a presentation like no other. Easy-to-read sidebars highlight the available engines, options, and differential ratios for each production year. Finally, the information-packed appendix includes color codes, production figures, VIN decoding, and specifications for standard and optional components of the interior, body, drivetrain, frame, suspension, brakes, wheels, and tires. Each year from 1964 to 1974 has a chapter devoted entirely to it. This HARDBOUND guide measures 9" x 12", has 128 pages, and is in NEW CONDITION! Buy now to own the definitive guide for original factory specifications for your GTO!
Thomas DeMauro
"Original Pontiac GTO: The Restorer's Guide 1964-1974 (Original Series)"
12.00 x 9.00 x 0.25 inches
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