1928-1931 Model A AA Ford Truck Owner Book: History, Specs & Pictures Hardbound

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This is one of the few books devoted to Model A Trucks. You will find 288 pages of reproductions of factory and vintage information. See advertisements by Ford, ads for vintage aftermarket equipment including different kinds of bodies, and detailed specifications and frame dimensions. It covers one half tons through 3 tons, and all kinds of bodies: pickups, stakes, screensides, dump trucks, tankers, panels, deliveries, buses, chassis-cabs, farm trucks, tow vehicles, and professional vehicles like police cars, funeral cars, ambulances, and taxis. You'll see over 500 illustrations in this hardbound book. The new edition of this book is softcover only, so used copies are available of this hardbound book. Buy now to own this unique piece of Ford truck history.
A McMillan
"Model A/AA Ford Truck Owner."
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1928-1931 Ford Model A
1928-1931 Ford Model AA Truck
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