1928-1931 Model A Ford Troubleshooting & Diagnostics: A Complete Guide

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Written by one of today's leading experts on Model A repair, this just-released brand New condition book includes over 200 pages. You will find over 100 in-shop diagnostic tests and troubleshooting aids, hundreds of symptoms-causes-and-fixes, and complete theory of operation and system description of every electrical and mechanical system on the Model A. Includes hundreds of illustrations. Find out how to diagnose the cranking system, ignition & timing, fuel system, engine performance, cooling system, electrical circuits, clutch, transmission, differential/rear end, front end, and brake system. Troubleshoot individual leaks, failures, noises, and vibrations. You will also learn how to correctly adjust brakes, carburetor, clutch fan belts, headlights, horn, shock absorbers, ignition timing, valves, and the flywheel. Buy now to own the only Model A book on troubleshooting and diagnostics.
Les Andrews
"Model A Ford Troubleshooting & Diagnostics: A Complete guide for Trouble Analysis and Testing, "
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