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The original version of this book was printed in 1929 by Ford to provide John Q. Public with a history of Ford Industries during the Model A era. You will find 150 black and white photographs of the River Rouge, the Ford plant in Dearborn, Michigan (back in 1929), and the model A-from casting, to assembly, to final production models ready for the showroom. 1 page on Lincoln's history. Also discussions of Ford's products other than cars. 63 pages in NEW CONDITION. See the image next to the table of contents for a sample of the picture quality. Buy now for this period-oriented look at Ford Industry and the fabulous Model A.
"Matchless Model A"
11.00 x 8.50 x 0.25 inches
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1928-1931 Ford Model A
1928-1931 Ford Model AA Truck
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