Model A Miseries and Cures Ford Model A Troubleshooting Book

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AUTOGRAPHED BY THE AUTHOR. This book is a collection of technical practical tips, advice, and "cures" to keep your Model 'A' Ford in good running condition. Inside you'll find a compilation of more than 40 years of several different experts' wisdom information that the author & her husband verified by testing on their own Model A. This isn't you're a typical restoration guide with instructions on how to undertake major overhauls; instead it's full of tips & tricks that every A owner needs. Let's take the steering section of the book for example; you'll learn how to troubleshoot the most common causes of steering problems & how to prevent them, tips on removing the steering wheel & installing a freshly painted one without scratching it, telltale signs of wear, specifications for proper operation, parts you can change & parts you can't, and a whole lot more. You'll find this kind of information in all of the chapters that each address a specific part. It's quick & handy reference because it's broken down into, 64 chapters that include: subjects such as ammeter, battery, body panels, brakes, bushings, carburetor, clean up and mess prevention, clutch, coil, condenser, cotter pins, bolts, nuts, lock washers, cutout, distributor, driving, emergency supplies, engine, equipment, fan, fenders, flywheel, fuel tank, gaskets, generator, grease retainers, headlamps, horn, "Horse" sense, hub caps, identification, ignition, locks, lubrication, mold making, muffler, manifolds, noise, paint, plating, radiator, rear axle assembly, rubber products, shock absorbers, spark plugs, speedometer, springs, starter, statistics, steering, substitutes, timing gear, tools, transmission, upholstery, water pump, wheels, windows, windshield wiper, and wood. You'll also find an exclusive glossary section in which reside definitions to most of the technical terms used in the book. Also included are sections that describe proper winter storage, Old Time cures, a lubrication and repair chart to record your own work, an index, and a bibliography. The book has 230 pages, measures at 5.25" x 8.25", and is in NEW condition. This book covers the 1928, 1929, 1930, and 1931 Model 'A" Ford. Buy now for this useful collection of information.
Mary Moline
"Model A Miseries and Cures"
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