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Les Andrews, the leading authority on A's, has written today's best-selling restoration guide. A Model A restorer's dream! This book was designed to be your ultimate resource for restoring and maintaining the Ford Model A. You will find complete, step-by-step illustrated instructions for maintenance, disassembly, repair, and installation of every mechanical component in section one (368 pages). Section two (24 pages) explains all the adjustments and alignments--all based on original Ford specifications. Section three (6 pages) contains lubrication charts with points and fittings, as well as intervals and required fluids. Section four (4 pages) offers a troubleshooting guide for engine, cooling, ignition, fuel, and electrical systems. You will also find a handy preventative maintenance checklist, a safety checklist, cotter pin usage chart, bolt torque comparison chart and a specification card for easy reference. Covers every model of passenger and commercial Model A body type.
Les Andrews
"Model A Ford Mechanic's Handbook: A Complete Guide for Service and Maintenance."
11.00 x 9.25 x 0.88 inches
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1928-1931 Ford Model A
1928-1931 Ford Model AA Truck
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