1964 Dodge 426 Ramcharger Manual Reprint SET OF 3 books 64

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Everything you ever needed to know about the 1964 426 - and more! This high performance set of manuals includes three hard-to-find books for extensive coverage. The first reprinted book is the "1964 426 Ramcharger Service Bulletin Manual" is a specialized shop manual supplement specifically for repair of this engine (since you won't find this engine in the regular shop manual). You will find repair instructions for lubrication, maintenance, accessories, front suspension, rear axle, axle shafts & bearings, rear axle, differential, clutch, distributor, ignition, engine, exhaust system, steering, transmission, and much more. Includes exploded views, illustrations, specifications, tightening references, and special tools. 16 pages, New condition. The next book is the "1964 Dodge 426 Ramcharger" This is a reprinted owner's manual supplement for the 426ci Ramcharger engine (since this engine is not included in the regular owner's manual). You will find out about all of the features that make a 426 a special engine (plus all of the modifications to the rest of the car to accommodate this special engine). The manual gives recommendations on driving and engine operation that are absolutely essential information. There are engine tune-up tips, detailed specifications, suggestions for additional parts to soup of the car, and a special parts list - parts peculiar to the Ramcharger. 18 pages, New condition. The third book is the "New 426 V-8 Ramcharger: High Performance from Dodge" This high quality reproduction offers Ramcharger and Dodge speed and time records from all over the country, Ramcharger components, high-performance features, operating characteristics, and tips on getting peak performance. There are specifications, special & regular equipment lists, black & white pictures of some Dodge powered drag strip winners, and the standard and high-performance engines. 15 pages, New condition. These three books comprise a wealth of information for the 426 Ramcharger. Don't miss the opportunity to own the best information for your Dodge.
"1964 426 Ramcharger Service Bulletin Manual, " "1964 Dodge 426 Ramcharger, " and "New 426 V-8 Ramcharger: High Performance from Dodge"
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