1964 Dodge 426 Ramcharger Repair Shop Manual Supplement Reprint

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This high performance manual is a specialized shop manual supplement specifically for repair of the 426 Ramcharger engine (since you won't find this engine in the regular shop manual). You will find repair instructions for lubrication, maintenance, accessories, front suspension, rear axle, axle shafts & bearings, rear axle, differential, clutch, distributor, ignition, engine, exhaust system, steering, transmission, and much more. Includes exploded views, illustrations, specifications, tightening references, and special tools. New condition.Don't miss the opportunity to own the best information for your Engine.
"Dodge Technical Service Bulletin Engine 1964 Dodge 426 Cu. In. Maximum Performance Ramcharger Engine"
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Covers 1964 Dodge 33, 440 and Polara models with 426 Ramcharger engines.
1964 Dodge 330
1964 Dodge 440
1964 Dodge Polara
1964 Dodge 330 1964 Dodge 440 1964 Dodge Polara