1928-1931 Model A Ford Construction, Operation, Repair for Restorer Softbound

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This classic book is one of the best-selling Model A restoration guides of all time. It elaborates on the Ford Factory Service Bulletins, giving information that is different from them. Find out about the engine repair & overhaul, fuel system, ignition system, transmission repair & overhaul, axles, maintenance and driving, electrical system, body disassembly, and more.

This is reproduced from the final revised and enlarged edition as it first appeared in April of 1931. It has always been a favorite for its complete assembly and disassembly coverage as well as a rational explanation of the working relationship of all components. The author owned, repaired, and operated a number of Model A's and observed many others. He also had the cooperation of Ford Motor Company service experts. Numerous special photographs and drawings were made for this book and appear in no other manual.

576 pages, 320 illustrations. Softbound. New condition. Order now to own this book of practical advice from real-world experience.
Victor W. Page
"Model A Ford Construction, Operation, Repair for the Restorer"
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