Model T Ford Owner: Service Tips by an Expert

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Murray Fahnestock, "The Dean of Vintage Ford Experts," wrote columns for years about servicing the Model T Ford, giving real-world advice from his practical experience. Way too many topics to list, so here's a small sampling: Adjusting crankshaft bearings, eliminating end play, adjusting for free neutral, axle shaft repairs, grease leaks, curing front wheel wobble, causes & cures of overheating, repairing the radiator, care and adjustment of the Holley carburetor, repairing the worn timer, wiring for the starter, independent improvements (special factory & aftermarket equipment to help the car run better or be safer), aligning the crankcase, proper gasketing, overcoming air leaks around the valve stems, fitting piston rings, and much more. 528 pages with 800 illustrations. Hardbound. New condition. Buy now to own this practical & interesting book.
Murray Fahnestock
"The Model T Ford Owner: The best of Murray Fahnestock: from those Noble, Vanished Journals of yesteryear that First Illuminated the Way for Home and Shop Service."
11.00 x 8.50 x 1.05 inches
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