Model T Service Manual Reprint: Detailed Instructions Servicing Ford

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This is a reproduction of the book written by Ford to help its dealers repair the Model T. You will find 296 pages of step-by-step instructions for repairing all of the mechanical parts of your vehicle with 577 pictures and diagrams. We hear that it's considered the Model T "Bible." You will learn about disassembly & re-assembly, valve grinding, connecting rods, fitting pistons and rings, replacing bearings, correcting noisy time gears, cleaning the oil line, stopping oil leaks, changing the axle, changing springs & radius rods, radiator repair. Troubleshoot starting failure, misfiring, backfiring, engine knocks, clutch troubles, and electrical problems. You will find out how to overhaul the engine & transmission, axle, steering gear, carburetor, generator, and starting motor. Buy now to own the best repair manual available for your vehicle.
"Model T Ford Service: Detailed Instructions for Servicing Ford Cars."
This item is a reproduction
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1909-1927 Ford Model T
1909-1927 Ford Model TT