Model T Ford Owner's Supply Book: Accessories & parts

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This book is a complete reproduction of the 1920 edition of the Western Auto catalog--a collection of independent original part suppliers. Inside you will find reproductions of advertisements containing pictures and descriptions, as well as part numbers of period parts for your Model T. See everyday items of the period like tires, tire pumps, clocks, license plate brackets, tops, seats, mirrors, horns, bumpers, fenders, speedometers, bodies, wire wheels, ignitions, carburetors, radiators, tools, and more -- too much to list. You'll also find more unusual accessories, like a running board mounted canteen, a "cop-spotter" rear view mirror, and robe rails that attach to the back so that you can hang up blankets (while you're parked?). The publisher says that "This reprint edition is published for the benefit of those historians and restorers who might never otherwise come upon this historically significant book." New condition. 127 pages. Buy now for this nostalgic look back at an unforgettable period of automotive history.
"Model T Ford Owner's Supply Book"
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